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Bulk sms in Nigeria has expanded tremendously and we are honored to be one of the top Mobile advertising company across Africa. Through the years we have had the ability to offer this core solution to many customers across nigeria. Mysmslive247.com is born out of the passion to provide an unequaled service in the mobile advertising sector. Our customers has grown from the typical normal clients to high traffic customers. Our website accounts for over 60 % of Bulk SMS that drops on the ordinary nigerian mobile phone and also this feat is attain by offering excellent solutions to our consumers.

bulk sms in nigeria

Our Bulk SMS portal is finely tuned with Distribution rate around 15,000 SMS per Second to supply the fastest as well as most reliable fast message delivery compared to other SMS websites .

We provide the cheapest bulk sms in nigeria whilst we still maintain the quality of delivery. Mysmslive247.com now has a direct connection with the various providers in nigeria (MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel) making it easy for us to easily plugin to them via SMPP APi.

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Most Service providers only delivers 60 to 70 percent of messages sent out through their gateway, At Mysmslive247.com, We ensure that all messages are sent via High Turnkey Servers and are delivered promptly.

We also offer reseller plans for people hoping to start making money online or to clients that want to use text messaging for their business. Our plan allows you to manage and grow your business with ease. It presents you with the opportunity of making money online like other Bulk SMS Providers. Our Bulk sms resellers are well trained and mentored to succeed online. If you sign up today with us, you are entitled to free Website loaded with units. You are at liberty to set your prices and profit as much as you want. You can only find the Cheapest Bulk SMS Reseller Account with us. Our prices start form 25,000 for the basic plan. You can decide to start with the most economic plan and later upgrade to the full package that comes with Shortcode reseller, robocall reseller and Bulksms reseller

bulk sms in nigeria


Bulk Messaging is the broadcasting of short messages to cellphone terminals. There are various Text Messaging Software available in the market to Send text messages in bulk, most of them are online applications while some are desktop apps. These software supplies users with the opportunity to include multiple numbers and send to all of them at once. The messages can be programmed to be sent out at a particular time or day. This feature is called message scheduling.

bulk sms in nigeria


Are you wondering how you can send bulk SMS to you contacts? Here is an elaborate way to go over the same conveniently and with much ease:

Register an account; with this you have to visit any portal that povides text messaging services and create your account. The account creation is free of charge. You will only need to fill in your name, your email, phone number and password. After you create your new account, be sure to keep you username and password safe as you will always need it to access your account.
To start sending messages, you will need to visit the site you sign up from and login with your username and password. You might be requested to input your phone number on your first login, this is usual for any site using smsportalcreator.com 's joomla component. Once you are logged in, you can now begin sending sms to your phone contacts.
Most Providers often gives new accounts free test units. You can use the free sms units to learn how the service works.
Now that you have created your new account, you need to buy units to be able to send out messages. The amount you pay depends on the volume of phone numbers you have . Check the site's pricing page to confirm there charges per text message. Multiply their cost per sms units to your desired volume or quantity, E.g if the website sells 1unit for 1.50 and you intend to send to 1000 phone number Database. You will have to multiply 1.5 by 1000, i.e 1.5 x 1000 = 1500. This means that, if you want to send to 1000numbers, you have to pay 1500 to the service provider and your account will be funded with 1000units.
After making payments, your account should be funded with units. Sign-in into your account and click on the compose menu. You would see 3 columns. The first is SENDER ID, 2nd is PHONE NUMBERS and the third is COMPOSE SMS. Its pretty easy, just type in the relevant information in the appropriate columns and click send.
The sender column will only accept 11 characters. So ensure you shorten whatever name you want your text to deliver with to 11. You can use alpha-numeric characters as well.
Finally, You should note that text credits doesn't expire. You can use anytime you want.
The process is extremely easy. if you still find the above illustration difficult to comprehend, Please feel free to contact our support via a support ticket or phone call. We will be more than happy to assist you to start your Bulk SMS blast.