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Perfect for emergency situations where you need to send a call blast to a large group of people within minutes.

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ROBOCALLS ? …Lets Help You Blast That Call!

Robocall presents us with the opportunity to reach our audience with a recorded voice message by a single click of the button. You can now gain more confidence from your audience as robocall gives you that opportunity to record your voice and send to multiple numbers. Whether you are a politician, a pastor or businessman, robocalls gives the freedom of passing that message accross with ease. You can record your calls in your local dialect, in english or whatever language.



Voice broadcasting nigeria was born to provide robocall service to people who wish to adopt the use of voice calls or voice sms  as their means of mass communication with their clients. Robocalls are essentially an automated recorded voice message that are sent to single or multiple numbers.

Most people associates Robocall Nigeria with politicians or political campaigns; that’s completely understandable. While politicians do use robo calling, there are a ton of other organizations and people that use them as well. Among our numerous robocall nigeria clients are churches, schools, Hotels, Business men and woman etc.

The impact robocalls creates for any business or campaigner can not be over emphasized as people tends to react more to voice calls than normal traditional sms. Robocall saves time and money, instead of having to waste thousands of hours having your employees call millions of people, automated calls,  robo calls can do the job for you.

At this point there are quite a few services that offer robo call / voice broadcasting mass messaging systems because its relatively new, Our goal here at is to provide you with an efficient mass messaging platform so that you can use robo calls for your church, sports league, community, school, and other various types of organizations. We welcome you to give us a call any time and someone on our support team will be more than happy to help you setup or send your calls. We offer free consultation for all of our customers on how to best use the system to achieve the best possible results. Whether you’ll be sending 10 calls or 10 million calls through us someone on our team will be here to help you every step of the way if you need it. It’s easier than you might and we’re here to show you how.



Welcome to Voice Broadcasting Nigeria.

We Are Africa’s #1 Hub for Automated Calling Services & Political Robo Dialing

Who We Are

We are the premiere provider of political automated calling solutions. At VBN, we have worked hard to become the best solution for your campaign automated calling needs. We have developed a proven process that is trusted by successful campaigns around the country.

What We Do

At VBN Calls we provide a robust Dialing Platform that gives you the capability to reach your constituents in a variety of effective ways. These ways include: Automated Calls, Endorsement Calls, Polling & Surveys, Event Notification, Campaign Fundraising and much more.

Why Choose Us

The biggest reason to choose VBN is that we provide unmatched quality at competitive prices. You will be getting the most out of your calling budget and the most effective results by working with our proven processes of automated calling here at VBN.

Delivered Calls

Un-Delivered Calls

Billed Calls

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Who We’ve Worked With

Our track record and experience speaks for itself. We have provided political calling solutions for prominent political leaders and advocacy groups including:


Gov. Rauf Aregbesola

2014 Osun State Election(APC)

Dr. Leke Pitan

2014 Lagos State APC Primaries

Ekpeyong Itikim

Akwa Ibom State Primaries(PDP)

Gov. Peter Obi

2011 Anambra State Election(APGA)

Gov. Godswill Akpabio

2012 Akwa State Christmas Message.

Gov. Kayode Fayemi

2014 Ekiti State Election(APC)