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What Is a SMS Code or Text Message Codes? These are seemingly questions asked by persons wanting to start or use the Short Code Program or 2-way SMS Service. If you’re looking to do 2-way SMS you need a short code service. Another name for short codes and long codes is two way numbers, because they allow people to reply to your SMS messages. This is also known as 2-way messaging. They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions when you want people to easily remember your number or if you want to encourage conversations between you and your audience.

We are pioneer provider of shortcode service in Nigeria and over the years we’ve powered several events, promos and surveys by providing 2-way Messaging platforms to various clients across Nigeria. Our Platform is robust and easy to use. We have built it with the newbie in mind. It is perfect for generating reports and calculating payouts.

We are the first to provide the first white label shortcode white label package that allows you to own your own shortcode business and sell unlimited shared and dedication at your own pricing and billing,

Basically, We offer a comprehensive 2-way Messaging platforms to clients who Use 5 digit SMS Shortcode to actively invite entries and earn revenue from their competitions or advertisers who want to promote competitions to all their customers using short code service and two-way messaging. Our range of 2way messaging includes

1.  Shared Shortcode

2. Dedicated Shortcode

3. SIM Hosting

Shared Short code service is a budget friendly option for advertisers who are just starting out with sms marketing. It is easier to setup because unlike the dedicated shortcode, The share is already setup. Basically, Shared Shortcode are already setup shortcodes for rental. Meaning that you share same shortcode with other subscribers. Shared short codes

short code service

short code service

are utilized by many companies, with traffic differentiated by keywords. Shared short code uses keywords to operate and keywords are just prefix letters that redirect the SMS traffic to your own account our shortcode control panel. Keywords are normally between 3 – 11 characters. They can also be alphanumeric. For example if you see a text that reads: send VOTEBuhari to 33332. In this example, VOTEBuhari is the keyword and 33332  is the Shortcode. Shared Short Codes offer a low cost way of monetising a single SMS product.

You share a short code number with other customers, but direct messages to your application with a dedicated keyword for Premium SMS payments. Setup cost:  N90,000.00 VAT inclusive and there is a No Monthly Access Fee. Setup duration can take up to 5days after payment.

How To Sign Up: Fill the Shared Shortcode  FORM REGISTRATION, Then Pay The Shared Short Code service Setup Fee to Account Number Stated Below

A dedicated short code service functions exactly the a shared shor tcode service  other than that it is appointed to you short code servicealone. A dedicated short code gives you the versatility of unlimited keywords for your projects, plus your clients have the ability to respond back to you without having to include any keywords.

Dedicated Shortcodes are for clients which intend to provide a wide range of mobile services, anticipate a high monthly quantity of messages or wish to provide even more intricate 2-way interactivity. Messages to the short codes are MO billed i.e. the individual is charged as soon as they send out a message to the short code.

Clients can choose their dedicated number and toll from a variety of our short codes. We can offer a dedicated short code for Premium SMS billing, allowing you to have a unique short number to which your customers can send text messages.

Once set up, you can assign a tariff rate and start charging.

Setup cost:  N450,000.00 VAT inclusive and there is a No Monthly Access Fee. Setup duration can take up to 2weeks after payment.

How To Sign Up: Fill the Dedicated Short code form under FORM REGISTRATION Pay The Dedicated Short Code service Setup Fee to Account Number Stated Below

Keyword Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your email, Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS gateway. All SMS messages that start with your keyword sent to any of our longcode numbers will be saved on your account with us, to your email, displayed on your site or forwarded to a URL of your Data Base Server. Our SMS gateway will forward all received SMS messages to your opted route using protocols / interface that best suits  to your needs; for example HTTP, SMS to email, etc.
You will be provided with a Web Application to access your incoming SMS and outward bound SMS remotely anytime anywhere via internet links
Why SIM Hosting?
  • This service is always available. Even when your business is closed or phone lines are busy.
  • Nationwide Reach. Works on every mobile.
  • Rapidly acquire your own mobile phone database.
  • Track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in different geographic regions.
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message)
  • Fixed, low cost.
  • No per SMS cost to your company.
  • No cost per SMS forward to your application or email.
  • Easy to remember. Compliments your Sales Email Address.
  • Works with all our longcode numbers.
  • Works with all dedicated longcode acquired from us.
Setup Cost
Dedicated SIM Hosting Setup Cost: N121,000.00.
  • Setup comes with unlimited keywords.
  • With an Annual Access Cost of N60,000.00.
  • Quarterly Access Fee is N30,000.00.
Note: You can go with which ever payment choice that is convenient for you. Setup takes 15days to complete. It begins from the day we receive your signed up Sim Card. Accessibility fees are prepaid. Nonetheless, quarterly postpaid accessibility charge are appropriate.
Shared SIM Hosting Setup Cost: N85,000.00 (It takes 48 working hours for configuration).
Setup includes one(1) keyword. No month-to-month charges.
Additional keyword is N20,000.00.
Bulk SMS Credits: If you would like to reply your clients, then you will need to purchase sms credits from us at 2naira per sms. SMS charges are deducted at the time of sending SMS messages and not at the time of creation of a services. SMS messages will fail if your wallet is empty at the time of sending each message.

We don’t in anyway share in your profit. is just an middle man between you and the various providers(MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, VISAPHONE). We only charge for setup fee and usage of our user interface. When it gets to payout, you are directly linked to the providers. Your money is paid directly to your account or a check will be sent to your address. This is depending on the medium of payment you choose while filing our registration form

Our Payouts are moderate and the best across Nigeria. Most  short code service providers are not directly connected to the operators, resulting in a smaller payout. We are directly connected to multiple operators in Nigeria, enabling fast and high payout scheduling for all Premium Rate SMS transactions.


How many networks do you support on your Shared and Dedicated Short Platform?
We cover MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT on our Shared and Dedicated Platform.
Can I buy additional keywords into my Shared account?
Yes, additonal keywords can be purchased for N25k each. You can also assign a different tariff to each new keyword.
What is the difference between a shared short code service and a dedicated short code service?

Dedicated short codes are yours and yours alone. Shared short codes are utilized by many companies, with traffic differentiated by keywords.

What is the difference between a short code service and a long code?

Short codes enable your application to send SMS at 30 messages per second. Conversely, a long code can send one message per second. Thus, short code service are perfect for applications that need to send SMS messages to lots of users or need to send many time-sensitive messages. Additionally, based on the type of application you build and the messages you’re sending, a short code may be the only type of number that can support your use case. Examples of applications that are best on a short code are: marketing communications, large-volume messaging, one-way notifications to users, and SMS marketing messages.

How Do I get paid my accumulated revenue?
Good, the money will be paid into your bank account or a check sent to your address. While signing up, a Registration form will be sent to you. In the form there is a provision for your desired medium of payout. Either through Bank Deposit or by check. So anytime you are due for revenue it is transferred directly into that account or you get a check.
How long does it take to setup a Shared and Dedicated Short code service?

Shared takes three (3) days while Dedicated takes (2) weeks

Do my subscribers get an auto reply and will I be charged for that?
Yes your subscribers will get an auto reply whenever they respond to your code. That is why it is called a two way messaging system. You are not charged for the sms used for the auto reply. It passes through our messaging route. Even if you are reply 10 millions prospects it passes through our route.!
Do you offer Zero Billing Short Code service and how does it work?

Yes we do. Zero Billing or Toll Free Short code does not bill the sender. Rather, the owner of the code pays for all charges.

Is there a limit to the number incoming of sms traffic on a Shared Platform?
No, there is no limit. Your subscribers can send as many sms as possible.
Is there a maximum number of keywords in Shared Short code service?

No, you can purchase as many keywords as you want. Our short code service has no restriction

What is the sms maximum capacity that your shared code service can receive daily?

There is no limit to the number of sms our shared short code service can handle. It is unlimited.

Is there a monthly access fee?
No, No Monthly Access Fees
Do you have Short code Reseller program?
Check our reseller or call 08039422997

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